Bionic Entrepreneur Incorporated was officially founded in 2008.  Our developers, designers and specialists have dozens of combined years experience doing what they do.  Coming from a family of small business owners, and owning my own businesses for most of my life, has given me a strong insight to the needs of the Small Business owner.  Bionic Entrepreneur Incorporated is my way of helping other Small Business owners achieve greater success, providing specialized services for your needs.

Bionic Web Development

In 2007, I found myself with a number of business owner friends who had websites that weren't really serving them.  They were clunky, ineffetive and required "specialists" to do simple content updates.  Even minor updates would be costly.  Those who wanted something better were really discouraged by the astronomical prices quoted to them by other design firms, even for basic functionality, simple eCommerce and no flexibility.

blamI realized that web technology was becoming mature enough to offer flexible, powerful and customized solutions with the small business budget in mind.  Websites that were easy for the client to update themselves, saving them tons of time and money, and effective in reaching their sales and communication goals. 

I convinced a couple of my business owner friends to let me rebuild their websites with new technology, and to work with them over the long term to keep their technology current and powerful.  Those first sites were a great success and those clients are still with us today! 

Each new site creates new fans and referrals, and we've been growing ever since.  Today we also offer eMarketing tools and plan for new services to come soon.

If you're a small business owner who would like to get more from the web and want long term service and advice you can trust, then you are our ideal cleint.  We'd love to contribute to your success!


Calvin Tyndall, President

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We provide long term service and support to our clients so we like to think of ourselves as part of your extended team.  Our success depends on your success.

Our "Grow With You" approach has a couple of key features, geared towards providing a balance of services and long term improvement.  This means that as your company changes, so can the services we provide.  To help come in on budget, we don't have to build the ultimate system in one shot.  You can start with an effective information site and grow into eCommerce, eMail Marketing, or other tools customized for your business.  We can get you up and running with a foundation of critical features, then add functionality later on as your strategies evolve, your comfort level increases, or your budget allows.

The core of our service is built with expansion in mind, so incremental improvements are pain free and can bring new levels of freedom and power to your online presence.